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Gerry Suchy, talks with me about photoshop and how he turned his passion for graphic design and post production into a business.  His graphic design company felt the effects of the 2009 recession, and he thought he was recession proof.  He came up with the idea of helping people with post production, so they can take the photos from their camera and complete the piece of art.  He essentially is photoshop consultant and is making a good living doing it.  He has used Craigslist to grow his business, it has been far more effective than expensive advertising.  He also uses street photography to reach out to the homeless and share their story.  This guy is very inspiring! read more


As I began to read through this book the first word that came to mind was “wow!”  I have shot plenty of black and white photos, but I have never felt that I used it as tool to direct the viewers eye to the desired subject or to add more to the shot by removing color.  This book has given me a new perspective on black and white photography, that I have wanted for so long.  Creating the image I want is now easier than ever before, because of this book.   The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography, is just that, an essential guide.  If you follow this book step by step, and apply what is in these pages, the possibilities can be endless.  It’s one hundred and twenty eight pages of pure gold, and I suggest taking your time with this one.   Read it through once then go back and work on what each chapter teaches you, spend a week or two on each chapter until you really grasp and can do what they teach.  If you are only going to read this and not apply what it teaches, save your money.  If you put to action the instructions in this book it will be worth every penny you spend.  It covers everything from setting up the shot, to taking the shot and then editing.  I am going to open it up for you and share few of the pages so you can see how great it is.  You get some amazing tips from these few pages, so make sure to read to the end.  I do make a small commission if you purchase this book through my affiliate link, so I thank you in advance.   Now lets open this book up. read more

I interview Kira Sanoja of Kandy Lane Photos.  She gives great advice on setting up an indiegogo to crowd fund her fine art project.  We break down the steps to setting up your project and the perks for the backers.  She’s an action taker that isn’t hindered by excuses.  The first time I saw her work I was really inspired by her creativity.  Make sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter for updates on her current project.

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In episode 14 I interview Jessica and Andy and they share tips about using SEO to get eyes on their business.  They give some tips about ranking on the first page of google through keywords,  and how that is helping them grow their business.  They give some great tips on how to rank keywords and how to use twitter to grow relationships.  Slow and steady is the pace for their business and they laid a great foundation for their business to be able to grow.

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PTHQ Podcast Episode 13

In episode thirteen I interview Rob and Lori Futcher, and their business has taken off.  They reach out to local schools and set up different photos shoots with them, but they are not stoping there.  The business model they describe is one that should be followed.  Rob, is continuing his passion for landscapes and nature photos, and we talk about his plan on selling his prints.  You will be inspired by these guys, they take action on their ideas.

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