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PTHQ Podcast Episode 12

In this interview with Lisa Mounteer and she gives great advice on starting your business back up after a move, by building relationships and networking.  She gives some amazing advice on using social media like Twitter, and Facebook to reach out to local businesses and networking with them.  Not having a contract when she first started her business came back to bite her, and she shares the experience.  Make sure to check out her website and connect with her on social media. read more

Episode 11 with Steven Campbell, of Steven Campbell Photography.  We talk landscape photography and building a business.  He makes the point that our main goal can’t be to make money, it needs to be adding value to your clients.  One step at time is his motto to grow his business, it’s not like Pinky and the Brain, trying to take over the world each day.  We discuss how to use your personal Facebook page to boost the reach of your business page, by sharing your business page status updates on your personal page. read more

PTHQ Podcast episode 10

Heike Delmore, shares some great tips on weddings, and how she branched out into couture photography.  Building relationships early in her business lead to her success.  She recommends using your website as an employee.  You can check out the video of our live interview below.

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Rachel Brenke, holds nothing back with using contracts and why they are so important.  They will save you time and money.  She gives so many great business tips that you can apply right now.  If you have questions for her, she is so helpful, don’t hesitate to reach out to her.  She was kind enough to give us a coupon code for 30% off of her contracts. code: Photoghq30.  Check our her contracts here and get her free ebook!

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The links from the show read more